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Way Behind!

I am so far behind updating the website. I’ve been so busy with cookie orders that I haven’t taken the time to post the pictures.

I have added quite a few pictures to my gallery. I do hope you enjoy them!

3 Responses to “Way Behind!”

  1. Paula says:

    Love your cookie shop and your blog! You are so artistic with your decorating and I really like the detail you put in! Will be a regular visitor here for sure. By the way, thanks for following on twitter :) I appreciate it.

    My other site in case you are interested in what goes on in my little corner of the world just outside of Perth (Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario is http://amencorners.blogspot.com/

  2. sonya says:

    Love your website and your cookies!! You are so talented. Now, if you can create a cookie that makes me look skinny I’ll take a dozen!!

  3. Nancy says:

    LOVED your website and the photos!!! You clever, talented girl!

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