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Place Settings and a Baby!

My friend Julie kindly sent pictures of the place setting cookies on the table for the bridal shower. The table was set so beautifully that I asked for a picture because I wanted to show you how the cookies looked on the plate. It was such a great idea, and I hope to do this again.

Bridal shower place settings

Bridal shower place settings


I’m also adding a picture of the cookies I made for a baby shower.  I had so much fun with these cookies because shades of pink happen to be one of my favorites to mix.  I could use lots of different cookie cutters and not have to mix a lot of colors.  This makes for more time to enjoy the decorating!

Baby shower for a ....... girl, of course.  :-)

Baby shower for a ....... girl, of course. :-)

Now I am off to finish decorating some football cookies to bring to a special friend tomorrow.  She is a Bengals fan, but I’m going to throw a Redskins cookie in there and see if she notices…

4 Responses to “Place Settings and a Baby!”

  1. Philip says:

    Such a cool idea. But do the cookies spoil dinner? ;)

  2. Stephanie says:

    The baby shower cookies were a hit! The mama to be loved them! Thanks Michelle!

  3. Jean Florman says:

    The baby buggy cookies were especially adorable!

  4. Renee says:

    Your cookies are awesome! Love the ring and all your wedding cakes!
    I’m sure all your customers are thrilled with their cookies. Great, great work!!

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